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Mechanical Engineering CAD Design and Prototype SOLUTIONS


Over 12 years experience with mechanical design engineering in medical device, consumer electronics, automobile, and defense ​industries.  Consulting design service for new Product, Enclosures, Specializing in plastic design & processing, Mechanisms, Machined & Sheetmetal, Quality Documentation, in-house CNC machining for rapid prototyping.  Remote services available to service worldwide.

3-axis CNC Parts Request for Quote

  • Attach CAD (.sldprt (<=2021), Step, IGES, .x_t .x_b)

  • Drawing (not required)

  • 1-3day turn around




Grew up in bay area always interested in mechanical design and cars.  Spent my youth taking apart, building and fixing my toys and my first few cars.  Built my first my first engine and transmission at age of 16.  Graduated San Jose State University BSME Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Design & Mechatronics), Santa Clara MSME Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Design and BioEngineering).  I have spent most of my career at Contract Design and Manufacturing companies which has had me supporting the product from many different aspects during its design cycle and has given me a lot of experience with what works and the most efficient way to achieve project goals.




  • CAD & 2D Drawings

  • CNC Machining and CAM Programming

  • Specialized in Molded Plastic

    • Injection Molding

    • Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)

    • Catheter design and material selection​

    • Cartridge design 

    • Enclosure bezel design

    • Handpiece design

  • Machined and Sheetmetal design

  • Mechanism design

  • Structural & Thermal Analysis

  • Industrial Design and Human Factors

  • Tig Welding (Stainless, AL, Ti, Mild Steel)

  • LS Engine Assembly and Inspection

    • Boosted Applications​

  • Boosted Race Car Building



  • Gallery of CNC Machined parts.

  • Description of company Drag Race Car

  • Client Projects




  • Gallery of products for sale.


"I had the privilege of working with John Bergman at Stellartech Research. We collaborated on a new product introduction and I found that John is one excellent mechanical engineer, who not only knows his craft but is easy to work with and was instrumental in the success of the new product build."  -Paul Nelson, Manufacturing Engineer

"I have had the opportunity to work with John in the Advanced Programs group since he started at BAE Systems. I found him to be a very creative and conscientious engineer. When faced with writing test plans for a third party on a development platform he was able to establish a very strong relationship with the team and create a quality set of documents. Our group has given John some “of the wall” assignments and he has been very clever at coming up with solutions. He is an excellent engineer for any mechanical design team." -Wade Bantz, Technical Program Manager

"John was an excellent worker at Avago. Even though he was only just finishing his undergraduate studies as an ME, he had very good lab skills, was a very good machinist, and required a mimimum of supervision. Even though his experience with optical measurements was minimal when we hired him, he learned very quickly and was quite dependable at making rather sophisticated optical measurements for us. I recommend him without reservation. " -Dave Dolfi, Research Fellow

"John is a very talented, self-motivated engineer who went out and quickly produced what was needed with great creativity well within the time and budgets required. His system level view of the project help ensure task was completed with great success. I would enjoy working with him in the future as he is an important asset to any effort. "  -Ciro Morales, PMP

"I've managed John for just under a year. He was new to the company when he started, and I was impressed with how fast he came up to speed and became a contributing member of the team. John is very willing and able to contribute by trying things he hasn't done before, or establishing a relationship with someone he doesn't know in order to get things done. John's persistant style, great work ethic, and focus on achieving his goals has made him a highly valuable member of the team."  -Marty Larsen, Project Manager

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