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An advocate for the Product

Grew up in bay area always interested in mechanical design and cars.  Spent my youth taking apart, building and fixing my toys and my first few cars.  Built my first my first engine and transmission at age of 16.  I recognized I had the mechanical knack and went for Engineering degree.  I graduated from San Jose State University with BSME, Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Design & Mechatronics), Santa Clara MSME Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Design and BioEngineering).  In my career, I have had the to opportunity to work at large and small corporations in Defense, Medical Catheter, Diagnostics, and automotive. I have spent most of my career at Contract Design and Manufacturing companies which has had me supporting the product from many different aspects during its design cycle and has given me a lot of experience with what works and the most efficient way to achieve project goals.  

Bergman Prototyping and Racing, llc is a company offering mechanical engineering design services on a contract basis.  In addition to design services, capabilities for 3-axis CNC machining, Rework, Inspection, TIG welding, Paint & Powder coating, and other value added services.  Over 12 years experience with mechanical design engineering in medical device, consumer electronics, automobile, and defense ​industries.  Consulting design service for New Product, Enclosures, Specializing in plastic design & processing, Mechanisms, Machined & Sheetmetal, Quality Documentation, in-house CNC machining for rapid prototyping.  Remote services available to service worldwide.

Bergman, J Resume

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