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Project Examples

Recreate Top Fuel Dragster Front Wing



Client brought in existing Front wing from his car that was originally made in the 90s.  He had purchased a lot back then and finally ran out.  However, he did not have CAD and needed it to fit exactly as a pair with remaining quantity.  I created CAD & CAM and machined quantity 10 so that it should meet his future needs shall he lose or break one at the track, he will have piece of mind knowing he has several spares.

Top Fuel Dragster Front Wing
Redesign Look of Product with Minimal Design Change



Client wanted to refresh look of current manufactured medical device with absolute minimal design change to reduce paperwork involved and have backward compatibility.  After downloading top assembly, I was not only able to produce a bezel that met their needs, but I also reduced cost and risk by implementing design features that I had experience using before on other products.  The result was a bezel that was cheaper, easier to produce & assembly, and was rubust to stand up to the products requirements.

Enclosure Design



Customer had a picture that another Industrial designer had provided, but did not know how to take from that picture to a manufacturable product.  After understanding their products requirements, I made several concepts that included different processes that met their volume needs.  Together we weighed the trade offs of each concept and executed a split of parts and product design that was relatively low cost, DFA & DFM.

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