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Bringing products to life by applying the design cycle.

Working in contract design and manufacturing, I designed catheters, disposables, and capital equipment for various clients ranging from a doctor with an idea, to a large corporation needing the extra support for a new product development.  In addition to working full time, I always tinkered in the garage with personal projects.  During my masters program I took a CNC class for a year and set in motion my dream to be able to think something up in the morning and have it in hand by the evening.  As an engineer in the field I found more companies relying on outside machine shops with 4 week lead times or gouging cost rates to get the prototypes to answer critical questions that arise in R&D.  Frustrated by lack of internal resources, high cost, and long lead times, I purchased a 3-Axis CNC to be able to prototype my own designs rapidly.  Soon colleagues and friends begin sending me parts and I found myself excited to help get them parts to show off in meetings or the lab the following day.   


"A lot offered for just one man under one roof."

Mechanical Design



Applying what I have learned from my education and career, I will assist in any aspect of product development.  My specialty is earlier phase conception to prototype, however, I have manufactured many of my designs in low to medium volumes and can assist in achieving your manufacturing goals. 


  • Solidworks, ProE, Fusion 360 CAD Design

  • Specialized in Molded Plastic

    • Injection Molding

      • catheter design and material selection​

      • cartridge design 

      • Enclosure bezel design

      • Handpiece design

    • Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)

      • Have an excellent relationship with the top RIM mfgs in the nation.

      • Designed over 10+ systems using this process

    • Pressure Form

      • Bezel or enclosure design

    • Urethane Casting​

  • ​Machined and Sheetmetal design

    • Fixtures, enclosures, brackets,​ etc

  • Mechatronics design

    • Cartesian robots​

    • Mechanisms

    • Sensors

  • Structural & Thermal Analysis

  • Industrial Design and Human Factors

  • Welding (Stainless, AL, Ti, Mild Steel)

CNC Machining & Value Added


3-Axis machining of Aluminum, plastics, Stainless Steel, mild steel, copper & brass, and Titanium.  Send you CAD in Solidworks (<=2021), Step, IGES, or x_t & X_b along with 2D drawing (not required) and I will provide quote of cost and lead.  CNC, Rework, Inspection capability, Adding inserts (PEM, helicoil, etc).  Able to recreate and remanufacture from a sketch or an existing part.

3-axis CNC Parts Request for Quote

  • Attach CAD (.sldprt (<=2019), Step, IGES, .x_t .x_b)

  • Drawing (not required)

  • 1-3day turn around

TIG Welding



TIG welding for aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, or titanium.  Fabrication of hot and cold side for turbo or supercharger piping.  

Race Car Fabrication



Assistance with powertrain selection, chassis modification, trade offs of different products available, suspension design & set up, fabrication, and track support.

LS Engine Assembly & Tuning


Recommendations for Chevrolet LS boosted application builds.  Engine assembly and assistance with tuning.  Drawing upon racing with LS motors over the last 4 years, I will support all aspects of getting your project goals achieved.

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